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The people who lead the Cody Scholar Foundation on the board of directors and our executive team are dedicated individuals from a variety of backgrounds – all focused on helping young adults get a quality education. more.

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Comments from our scholars

“My name is Pio I am 14 years old, and the youngest of three kids. I have two brothers Lasa, and Sam.

I live in San Francisco, and am a Freshman at Archbishop Riordan High School. The activities I participate in are rugby, football, and this year I am going to tryout for basketball. My favorite NFL team is the 49ers, and my favorite subject is math and p.e.

Finally, when I grow I want to be a businessman and own my own company.”


“My name is Jerome. I am a mix of Samoan, Hawaiian, German & Irish. My nickname is Lome, which is Jerome in Samoan and Hawaiian. I have an older brother and two little sisters. I am 15 years old, and a sophomore at Archbishop Riordan High School. I play football and rugby and hope to one day play professionally in either one, it’s what I love to do. When I graduate I hope to attend college to continue my education, play ball & to be successful.”


“I’m very grateful to have met you and am looking forward to my high school career at Archbishop Riordan High school. Hope to make history here and if not, then some awesome memories with my Crusader Uso’s (brothers)!

I always loved football but I thought I would try another sport which was basketball. I joined a park and rec basketball team. I was younger at the time and I didn’t know the rules. So When I finally had the the ball, I made a basket and won the game!!!…….. But I noticed the other team was cheering. I asked my coach what happened he laughed and said ” you made the wrong basket”. Boy was I embarrassed! I still walked away with a shot though-Got-em!!

God bless, Paul.”

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